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Sunday, April 20, 2014

*With the Sex & The City theme song running in the background*
*Nope. Not that, not the drama show but the first movie...*
*Remember, it goes like da da da, da da da da...*
*Alright, nvm. I know that was so 2008 and we, the so-called instant gratification generation tend to live our lives in lightspeed, so let me spoon-feed you instead...*

Oooohhhh Yeeeeahhhh... Now you're feeling the grove and vibe, hopefully the song brings back some good old memories, as old as a pair of classic buckle Manolo Blahnik heels that Carrie Bradshaw wears when she marries Mr Big in the first Sex And The City film :D Yup, I choose the black color and brought them home, they are fresh from the oven!!! And yup, it does take me about 6 years to finally decided to splurge on Manolos. No other reason, just that I think I can carry them better now, with my age and my style~





*Now, turn off the pervious song. Take a breath...*

*And play this song instead...*

*You didn't play the song, did you?*


*I don't care if you didn't play the previous one, play T.H.I.S one. This is an O.R.D.E.R*

Alright, I give in. You don't have the earphones with you right? You're forgiven. Anyway, I'm sure lotsa you able to sing that song even without clicking the play button; that's the theme song from the super popular Korean drama called "You Who Came From The Star." It's one of my favorite Korean dramas, and you know when was the last time I watched one? It was 10 years ago, no joke. Honestly, you just have to watch it if you haven't yet done so, too good to be missed. One useful tip, be sure to have your kleenex ready.

One of my favorite scenes was when Cheon Song Yi (a character played by Jeon Ji-Hyeon in the drama) finds her favorite heels in Min Joon's closet and confronts him with them, accusing him of having a fetish for women’s shoes. That's just too cute! So, as you may have guessed, I also splurge on that Jimmy Choo glitter heels, though in different color.

#5 That's how they look like during the day, very low-key and versatile.

#6 And during the night, the sparkles come to live and totally change the vibe. So sassy yet with a touch of class.




I guess motherhood doesn't change me too much after all :p But it does, indeed, make me want treat myself better as I really have the toughest job :p

Thanks for reading!

Sweet dream,
Bev, 1.49am PDT

Right On Board

Sunday, April 6, 2014


Thank you for the uplifting and warm messages on my official "comeback" posting, they really means a lot to me. You know what, in 7 years of blogging (roughly, ya, we've been virtual friends for that long), I can somewhat conclude that I'm not a dedicated blogger, I stop blogging from time to time; however, if I'm really in the mood I could do 2 posts in a day. Emotionally driven? Maybe. But I love the fact that I'm still able to stick with my true self after all these years, though I've doubts about myself sometimes. This is my personal space and I find solace in the act of blogging, thus I want to keep it the way it is and the way I like it. Each time I took a long vacation, BS readership decreased at least 80%, but each long break made only the most genuine readers remain, like you guys.

That's something worth smiling about :)

And those are the people I want to share my life with :)

Knowing this also makes me feel more comfortable sharing things about my personal life, my family, and my baby especially...

photo 1 copy-2

photo 3 copy-2

photo 2 copy-2

photo 4 copy-2


We're on our way to Asian Art Museum. It's a free admission day and there's huge discount on the special exhibition (cha-ching), so we decided to take advantage of that. The historic building behind us is the San Francisco City Hall, gorgeous architecture, perfect backdrop. Also loving BB's outfit as much as my Chun-Song-Yi (千颂伊) hair (minus the awful ombre). Look at that volume, it requires zero styling thanks to the never-before shared awesome haircare products that I've been using, in fact I haven't washed my hair for 2 days, can you believe it? Still smell fresh though :p

Now, only those who read the text get to know the ultimate secret, hoho. It's the Alterna Carviar Anti-aging Series. These products deserve a full blog entry as I have more story to tell... To those who are eager to give your hair a lift naturally may place your order now, you won't go wrong with these, and I usually ordered mine from skinstore.com. Nope, this is not an advertorial, I'm just too eager to share my favorite shampoo with you guys. To those who already have beautiful bouncy hair, hate you all, life is so unfair!

And to those who don't care a bit about having bouncy hair, you may stop reading at the second last paragraph, which I know you can't cause you already reading this sentence. Ya, that sucks but that's life too :p

Have a wonderful week ahead everyone. Till then.



Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Golden Gate Bridge
Ladies and gentlemen, greetings from San Francisco. The time is 11:37pm. Today's weather is partly cloudy, with a temperature of 11 degrees for tonight.

First, I'd like to give everyone a warm big hug (or we should do a group hug, that's even better) and thank each of you sincerely for still clicking this blog. I never thought I'd stop blogging just like I never thought I'd change this blog's privacy setting to public again. Seriously. The initial thought of keeping BS a private blog was to allow myself some time to focus on the new transition, new social circle, new daily schedule, and most importantly new life in a big and extremely competitive city. Moreover, I hate the feeling of being obligated to do something, I'd rather not do it at all. So, instead of biting off more than I can chew, I choose to temporary "let go" things that I can live without, blog, fancy nail art, excessive makeup (not necessary a bad thing btw), workout session, yup, even retail therapy and more... For all these months, I was a full-time mom, a hardworking homemaker and shamelessly saying, a perfect wife to Chean (because I cut down the shopping, you see). Sadly I was no longer myself; I don't even use the name Beverly at all because that reminds me of my old self, the vain and immature Beverly that I think my baby doesn't need to know. But deep down, those are the things that make me me, don't get me wrong, I'm not saying appearance is everything but the way you carry yourself does say a lot about you. After all, I shouldn't turn myself into someone that I don't even adore for whatever solid reasons they may sound, and my husband definitely deserves a "better" me.

I guess I finally reached the "rock bottom" when Chean unintentionally said, "Why don't you dress up like the way you were before Bao Bei?" We're about to go out yet I was wearing the same old tee from yesterday and the same old jeans that I've been wearing for the whole week. That's enough. I honestly need to pick up the slack.

So? What now? Well, nothing much actually.

I'm still constantly battling with the extra 3kg post-baby weight yet the full-plate dinner always wins, I simply need to eat myself into oblivion to feel that I'm still alive...

I'm still owing T.H.R.E.E. advertorials from my sponsors. Thank you Apothica, Racinne USA and Uniqso for patiently waiting for my return, embarrassedly saying.

I'm still working on the new BS layout. The previous efforts on the blog design took BS no way; it sucks max to know that I can't make a glamor return in the virtual world.

I'm still coping with (postpartum) depression, I know, I don't even qualified for that but trust me, having and raising a baby does make me feel like an emotional train wreck sometimes, especially I can't get much help from my family.

I'm still learning to juggle between being a good mom and a good wife. It's sooooo hard because my mother instinct customary presets my brain to think and function as a mom, but I'll never quit trying, darling...

I'm still picking the same pair of jeans over a fancy dress for daily routine. Speed and convenience are everything when it comes to parenthood. Don't assume you can walk down the sidewalk everyday like Victoria Beckham, that won't exist unless you have two extra pairs of hands standing by, a maid and a driver of course. Even if you can afford that, you're still not Victoria Beckham, bleh.

I guess all I wanted to say is that I'm here and I'm back, despite how dysfunctional my new life might sound. Things are just going to get better, I believe.


While I was walking past a local shop last weekend, I saw a meaningful sentence that said, "Today is the first day of the rest of your life." The moment I read the phrase, it brought tears to my eyes, I miss living my life as Beverly no matter how much I'm in love with my new role as a mom. It took me approximately four months and 898738942 glasses of alcohol drinks to lift myself up and to realize what really moves me. No regret for the long break, life is a self-discovery journey after all... Although I have no idea where this journey gonna lead me to nor when will I eventually reach my final destination, I'm beyond elated to have every one of you onboard with me.

Thank you. Once again. For always sticking around. Until then, sit back, relax and enjoy.

Miss you all,

It's Hard to Say Goodbye

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Still busy packing but I'd like to leave a footprint here about Boulder before moving to San Francisco, ya, I'm moving to SF really soon. Chean & I are excited about the move, SF is a beautiful city but deep down, we both know that we are going to miss Boulder very very very badly...

If you do not already know, I have been living in Boulder, CO for approximately 3 years now. After going through all the ups and downs in this sweet little town, I feel utterly sad to bid goodbye for good. Ok, right now I'm hearing a voice asking how do I find Portland, OR then... Hmm, you know what, I really like Portland a lot, but I'm in love with Boulder.

Let me put it this way...

Portland is kinda like an A+ boyfriend which you don't really have much to hate about, and you don't regret all the things you've done together but you always know you can still find a better one if you step out of the comfort zone and be a little more adventurous. On the other hand, Boulder is like a husband material, you're mature enough to understand your needs and ready for marriage thus you put in as much effort as you could (even when things didn't work out as you wish), hoping the relationship will flourish and grow strong, and eventually settle down in a safe cocoon.

That how I feel about Boulder... Simply good life, no hassle, no rush, no stress. It really is a G.R.E.A.T and S.A.F.E place to raise a family. How safe? All my neighbors store their expensive & high-end strollers at the front porch (I store it at home or in car due to the dust), they also place the children outdoor toys at the sidewalk (I do the same too), and well, I sometimes forgot to lock my car but I can just leave Mr. Bronze unlock for a night without worrying much... That's how I define a safe neighborhood...

Now, some not-so-awesome pics to remember the awesome life in Boulder (T____T)

#1 Chloe BB & I lazing & chilling at the park on a random evening :)

#2 Hello-ing with our neighbor's cute pup~

#3 Went to a furniture store nearby for some home improvement stuff.

#4 Met a tons of friendly and very well-educated kids every time we're out & about, like this one, I still fondly remember our conversation...

5 y/o Boy: You've the cutest baby, how old is she? (Good manners and very sociable)
Me: Thanks. She is 14 months.
(Then Chloe suddenly decided to pull his sunglasses!!! Ohhh Nooo!!!)
Me: I'm so sorry, she is very into sunglasses lately.
5 y/o Boy: That's ok, she can play with it (waving the sunglasses to Chloe). Oh, you know what, I have an extra pair at home, should have brought it with me so that I can give it to her (Willingness to share, checked).

W.A.L.A.O! I nearly wanted to ask his babysitter what school does he go to, such a good kid! So confident and well educated. Later, I found out that basically this articulate kid is just one of many super smart kids in town. I would love to see Chloe growing up in Boulder, together with them.

#5 Another typical evening, riding on her car then drawing on the sidewalk. Now that she befriends with the neighbor kids and we will walk down a block for some fun time with her new friends.

Then these were taken yesterday, at the park too...

#6 The trainer and the soccer team. Cute enough? Wait til you hear their conversation.

Trainer: Dominic, you're not doing your best, move faster! Tell me your name!
4-5 y/o Dominic: Golden Tornado!!!
Trainer: That's a strong name, I like that.

Laugh die me. Hahahaha...

#7 Saying Hi to Baby Grant, the family just moved to Boulder from San Francisco! What a coincidence ;)

#8 That's Daddy Chean being an angel to his baby when Chloe's busy doing her baby stuff aka running away from us, tossing sand, pulling grasses, chasing birdies, climbing the unclimbable object & etc (now the wings make sense because speed is everything when it comes to parenthood)...

Last but definitely not least...

A meaningful pic to end this unorganized blog post...

#9 Meaningful because I was so wasted yesterday, LOL...

Happy 2nd Wedding Anniversary to you, Darling Chean ❤❤❤

We got married, we had the bestest time together til God decided to add some bumps to the smooth ride... We got lost in life til we almost lost hope, we broke down so many times but we always remember to lift each other up, we been through the toughest challenge and sailed through the storms shoulder to shoulder... Life taught us hard and we learned a tons throughout the bumpy ride, but most of all, we learn to love each other better.

And all these, the happiest and the saddest moments took place in Boulder, a place where we grow the most. Thank you Lord for the complete healing and blessings; thanks Darling for completing my life, and for being such a wonderful & fun daddy to our baby.

Boulder, thanks for all the great memories, so long! Watch out San Francisco, the Laws are coming!!!

p/s: I always ask whenever I take pictures of others or strangers, no worries ;)


Love & Kisses,

Updates & Karaoke Time

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Not that I'm being lazy or what, I honestly run out of time to do anything for myself!!! Just got back from a short & sweet vacation in Portland & Seattle, all the baggage are lying on the floor untouched, and holly molly, I'm moving out of Boulder in no time yet I have not pack a thing, seriously stressful @.@

But I still managed to syiok syiok sendiri and sang K.A.R.A.O.K.E at home only when Chloe's napping of course, lol~~ Well, I'm just being Beverly, what to do :p

I'm definitely not a good singer cause most of my BFFs sing better than me, and my bro & my sis always comment that I have a very childish voice, which I admit :'( But I really enjoy singing a lot and I sing (nursery rhythms) on a daily basis. So, there's this beautiful morning I woke up with a semi-smoking voice (I was about to have sore throat or something), but hey, I seldom have that voice!!! I jumped up high browsing for super duper sad song on Youtube, trying to fully utilize it before it's gone, and I eventually found an Ah Mei's song that I always wanted to sing...

Then I gave it a shot (Click H.E.R.E to listen)...

Hmm... Not sure if it turns out decent but this whole thing makes me miss Beverly's Voice so much. Maybe I should really bring back BV cause talking requires less work than writing, at least to me. And speaking in Cantonese makes me feel like I'm talking to my family, the feeling of closeness and genuineness.

Anyway, that's just a thought. I guess we won't see each other so soon until I settle down in a new city. Life is as fun as always, never stop loving your life! See ya!



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