Sleeping Buddy

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Untitled #1 Untitled #2 Untitled #3

Converastion #1
Chloe: (In sad & manja tone) Mommy, 海马(Seahorse a.k.a the sleeping buddy) wants a cuddle but he has no hands...
Mama Bev: Aww... That's because he is a seahorse, seahorse has no hands, but you have hands, you can still give him a hug. 
Chloe: (Hugging seahorse) 海马 also has no legs. He wants to wear Chloe's shoes... 
Mama Bev: Aww... 海马 doesn't need shoes because he lives in the ocean and he swims all day long. You don't have to wear shoes when you're swimming, remember? 
Chloe: (persistently gliding the seahorse in her sandal) But he want(s) it... Chloe try(ies).
Mama Bev: You are so sweet and considerate, can I get a cuddle too?
Chloe: Y.E.S!

Converastion #2
Mama Bev: Do you have fun at school today? Are you happy at school?
Chloe: Chloe is upset.
Mama Bev: Why are you sad? What's the matter?
Chloe: Chloe miss(es) mommy, Chloe 要麻麻抱抱 (Chloe wants a cuddle).
Mama Bev: Aww... It's alright, baby, mommy will always come back for you, like now, mommy will always come pick you up after school. 
Chloe: 想要麻麻陪陪 (I want to be with mommy),Chloe miss(es) mommy, Chloe is sad...
Mama Bev: It's okay to miss mommy, mommy misses you too! But missing mommy shouldn't be the reason for you to not enjoy school. If you get too upset you miss out on all the fun. Mommy can't be with you all the time but mommy is always near, right here (point to her heart) and mommy will always...
Chloe: COME BACK FOR YOU! (then skips away)

The above are two of the most heartwarming conversations we have today... She has such a gentle and kind soul (if I say so myself), it's so therapeutic talking to her every day... Please don't grow up too fast...

Lots of love,
Mama Bev

The Walt Disney Family Museum

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


An unplanned visit leads to an amazing discovery. This is by far the only museum that enables Chloe to fully engage and immerse herself in a museum setting, absolutely toddler friendly. This is also the only place where she's allowed to watch animationssssss!!! Haha~ Probably too much screen time in a day but she enjoys A.L.L the exhibitions! So is Chean!




#5 Remarkable life story of Walt Disney.





#10 Hungrily educating herself on the making of The Ugly Duckling.

#11 Mickey Mouse's ancestors.


#13 Walt Disney's collections. Wondering what would $128.75 from year 1950 be worth today...




#17 Disneyland Theme Park at a glance.

#18 Souvenir store.

#19 Overlooking Golden Gate Bridge from the museum.

#20 We'll be back! Bye for now~

P/s: So I did a quick check with an inflation calculator online, and it showed that the value of US$128.75 in 1950 is worth US$1,271.40 today, with an annual inflation of 3.64%. Fun!

Take care,

Be A Child

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


大概是三个月前,有一次Chloe闹午觉但却又不睡,不停地哭闹,给什么都不要做什么都不好,一直这样无理取闹。我让着, 哄着,陪着,但四小时下来真的非常心力焦碎,忍耐力就快瓦解,整个被逼到了崩溃边缘。我仍然保持冷静,但不哄她也不抱她,突然在一秒之间,或许是她反反复复哭太久的关系,她竟然把喝过的奶全吐出来。第一次遇到这种状况我都慌了,直接把刘先森call回家,让他照顾和观察女儿。而我,就一个人带着复杂的心情到外面走走。其实我的内心还是蛮受伤的,心像被掏空一样,只听见空气的声音,脑里一直重播之前发生的一切,试图想要找出自己的错误。她是生病了吗?是哪里不舒服吗?应该是累坏了又没办法把情绪讲出来吧?是我哪里处理不当吗?

就这样,想着想着,漫无目的地在一间local的书店坐一个小时,直到思绪慢慢平伏。回家后,大门一开,我的孩子用她一贯天真无邪的笑脸迎接我,那一刻我笑了,庆幸自己保住了好妈妈形象,没因为一时气上心头在孩子面前情绪失控,她见我笑了就说:“Mommy is happy!” 随后我告诉她当她哭得让自己呕吐时我有多伤心,向她解释为什么妈妈需要到外面呼吸新鲜空气,还有以后怎么样可以不让同样的事情再发生。她也似懂非懂地说:“Mommy is upset because Chloe doesn't nap.”

那天之后,接下来的午觉政策就是每天早上准时开车带她出去玩,增加她的运动量,然后到中午时她就自己会想要休息。还有就是从新再调整作息,再sleep training一次,午觉时间让她在自己的房间休息,累了睏了自己睡觉,如果她不想要睡觉也必须让她静静待在床上quiet time。然后我个人觉得很重要的是,我都会告诉她为什么麻麻要她这样做,解释让她知道午休后会更有体力去做自己喜欢的事。










Mama Bev

Busy and Away

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Hello BS-ers,

Another week flies by faster than the speed of light! P.H.E.W... I barely have to time to enjoy my daily caffeine fix but I'm here sacrificing the precious 2 hours Me-time to keep this blog rolling by sharing a few of insta-worthy pictures of mine. Although my Instagram account is currently set to private, I'll definitely repost some of them here.
  Untitled#1 Nomming breakfast.
  Untitled#2 Shopping with Mama Bev at Uniqlo flagship store in San Francisco downtown.
  Untitled#3 I think I have the flying phobia now; I'd avoid flying altogether for our next future trip. S.E.R.I.O.U.S.
  Untitled#4 She cried so bad during this flight so I. Gave. In. I just had to. And that's one of the moments I feel like a failure as a mom... Watch all you want baby :'(
  Untitled#5 The recent me.
  Untitled#6 Fabricssss await for transformation. Busy working on a side project and would love to share it with you all once it comes to live ;)
  Untitled#7 Daily chore. Miss Chloe carefully removes her shoes and socks then places them in the shoe closet.
  Untitled#8 Happy baby.
  Untitled#9 One of the many amazing views in the Bay Area. I guess I have totally lost count of the number of times I’ve looked around while walking the city (or even slightly outside of the city) and seen a truly breathtaking view.

 T.G.I.F Asia! Have a great weekend ❤❤

 Love & kisses,

Hello Sunday

Sunday, September 7, 2014

#1 When it's sunny and warm in San Francisco, you know you gonna have a beautiful day.

#2 And we did have a good day :)

#3 Very gentle hands she has. "You can touch and feel but always handle with care my mama said."

#4 One good thing about living in San Francisco is that you'll find surprises around every corner, ok, to be precise, you don't even need to find it, they're just there, right in your face.

#5 Cute store, cute collection.

#6 She's super into writing lately, "麻麻教你(我)!教你(我)!"

#7 Taken at the farmers market, almost almost almost brought this beauty home but I ran out of C.A.S.H!

#8 香港美心月饼,好吃。

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to all of you! 中秋节快乐!祝大家花好月圆,幸福团圆。We'll see each others again tomorrow, hopefully ;)

Best regards,