10 Things I Wanna Do With My Baby

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

When I was preggie and had all the time in the world to dream the wildest dreams, I listed more than 892498526287 things that I wanna do with my baby. Oh, how I miss those beautiful daydreaming days. Fast forward two years and here I am reading through my bucket list again while watching my young toddler playing at the backyard (now, like right now, there she's running down the slide. Nah, she's fine, she did it so many times), only to realize some of the ideas are pretty unrealistic and vague while some need to wait till she's at least 16 I guess. Say, skydiving and scuba diving, these two gonna take a very loooooong time to check off the list; therefore I revamp a new list by following the KISS principle--Keep It Simple, Stupid!

So here are the (reassessed) 10 things I wanna do with my baby:

No.1 Visit aquariumsssss.

#1 At Seattle Aquarium, 2013.


Why? Because Chloe loves it, she loves marine animals, she loves them so much that she picks a whale backpack (you know the whole story if you're following me on FB).

I know, I'm sure some of you gonna say it's really sad and inhumane for the marine mammals to live in aquarium since they belong to the wild. Totally agree. But at the same time, I also feel sad for the marine mammals in the wild that eventually ended up swimming inside human stomach before they really get to enjoy their lives, think about shark fin and dolphin meats... I believe the accredited aquariums (as well as the zoos) play an important role in education; it's probably one of the safest places to connecting children with the natural world in this concrete jungle. Anyway, not planing to drill too deep in this topic, and yup, I watched "The Cove" and "Black Fish," so we're not going to support Seaworld, don't worry. Meanwhile, go sign the petition to end the captive breeding programs at SeaWorld Parks h.e.r.e.

No.2 Rescue/Adopt an Animal.

#3 At Marine Mammals Center, Sausalito, CA. It's such a meaningful place to visit, they rescue, treat, and eventually return the marine animals to the wild. I'll blog about it some time.

No.3 Swim with Dolphins.

#4 At Boulder Marriot, Boulder, CO, 2013.

#5 Thus swimming class is mandatory, sorry baby :p

No.4 Plant Something Together and Watch It Grows.

#6 Our 2013 Pumpkin Patch.

#7 Nah, it doesn't need to be pumpkins silly.

No.5 Shopping Together.

#8 At Mitte Pastry Shop.

#9 The real shopping, not the candies or groceries, you know what I mean...

No.6 Play Dress Up.

#10 Something like this, but not quite...

No.7 Bake A Cake for Daddy Chean.

#11 Chloe nomming her birthday cupcake, 2014. I'm feeling hopeful to check this one off the list next year, aha, Summer Cooking Classes, lol.

No.8 Enjoy Afternoon Tea.

#12 Celebrating 2014 Valentine's at Lovejoy's Tea Room.

#13 She's a sweet tooth but don't think she appreciate the idea yet; moreover, she can't drink tea :p

No.9 Go On A Spontaneous Vacation, Just the Two of Us.

#14 On our way home, flying from L.A. to San Francisco.

#15 It'd be heavenly surreal if she's the one taking me for a ride, be it by car or by plane, lol :p

No.10 Sing A Song/Duet.

And it has to be "Country Road" because it makes grandma happy...

Duet_1 #16 #17 My family at Chloe's First Birthday Bash, Malaysia, 2013.

#18 And part of the lyric of this song goes like this...

I hear her voice in the morning hour she calls me, 
the radio reminds me of my home far away. 
And driving down the road 
I get a feeling that I should have been home yesterday, yesterday. 
Country roads, 
take me home to the place I belong. 
West Virginia, mountain momma, take me home, country roads.

Missing everyone in Malaysia. You know what, life is too short, keep it simple, stupid :)


By The Bay

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Not sure if it's the relaxing vibe or the serene view or the nice weather by the yacht harbor, just suddenly in the mood for blogging... And I'm utterly grateful for being able to spend time with my loved ones, be it a simple brunch or a casual talk...




** Itemization **
Top, H&M
Blazer, Forever 21
Bodycon Midi Skirt, H&M
Glasses, Nordstrom
Shoulder Bag, Coach
Clogs, MANGO

This week has been tough for all Malaysians but never forget to keep your chin up in difficult times. Hope all of you have a peaceful weekend.

Take care,

Racinne USA

Thursday, July 10, 2014

** Advertorial **

Wanted to share the whole story with you guys before I shared my personal experience with these skincare products that I'm about to review...

Around the same time last year, Racinne (USA) brand manager contacted me to do a blog review for their new skincare line that is formulated in Korea with patented ingredients such as SH-DP-9 and plant stem cells after seven years of dedicated research. Plant Stem Cells?! At that time, I was using La Mer and you know what makes La Mer so crazily expensive yet incredibly effective? The answer is Marine Plant Stem Cells. Therefore, I was thinking perhaps Racinne could be a viable alternative solution for my forever-thirsty-looking skin in Boulder, CO. So I said Y.E.S. and then I received three full size products in less than 2 weeks... 

#1 Racinne Ultimate Aqua Blanc Series

#2 (from left to right)
Racinne Aqua Blanc Brightening Cream
Racinne Aqua Blanc Tonic
Racinne Aqua Blanc Boost

I dutifully tried them for a week and really thought about writing a full review because I absolutely love them. Unfortunately I've to constantly delay this well-deserved review due to motherhood, moving, settling down, preschool hunting and surviving in a big city (there goes the perfectly convenient excuses). So long story short and fast forward to today... It's been almost year, I know, I feel awful for being such lousy blogger too, but I'm not talking about dragging the product review, I mean I've been using Racinne for almost O.N.E year!!! Guess you can't find a better skincare review than this, and guess what, I finally ran out of them about two weeks ago (^__^)V

#3 Love them so much that I brought them along on my recent trip to L.A. thus all photos were taken in Santa Monica as well.

#4 The Aqua Blanc Brightening Cream has a very lightweight texture yet moist enough to keep my skin hydrated throughout the night.

#5 Highly recommend this one! The gel-cream like Aqua Blanc Boost really helps reduce and lighten the dark spots on my forehead (acne due to hormonal changes during menstrual cycle), to be completely honest, it works but the result doesn't happen overnight, I use it for a year (must-have for my morning beauty routine), so I'd say persistence is the key, it sure will gradually restore a glowing facial complexion (*^__^*)

#6 The Aqua Blanc Tonic is my favorite for this summer, especially when the weather in L.A. was over 100 degrees Fahrenheit (38'C).

#7 I even use it as a face mist (although I usually apply it as toner/face lotion, as shown on the pic above, lol), spray it on my face and neck with makeup on; it instantly soothes and calms my skin, absolutely refreshing beyond words.

#8 Yay to beautiful, younger-looking skin! Also to my awesome Sony Nex 7's Soft Skin mode :p

Now, great news for BS readers in the U.S. region! Freebies for you~~

You get to try any T.W.O of Racinne sample packs for F.R.E.E! Simply pick your choices from H.E.R.E and use the promo code "RacinneBeauty" at checkout. Limited 1 redemption per customer.

Give it a try, you sure won't regret it ;)

Thanks Racinne, and once again, sincere apology for this super duper late review; I look forward to sharing my beauty journey with you in the near future ❤❤


Dim Sum Time with Chloe

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Hi there,

Yet another voice clip from Chloe! I really think I should start doing Chloe's Voice instead, lol... Anyway, a little background info to get you going before sharing the clip~

So I grew up speaking Cantonese, like really decent Cantonese compared to my peers thanks to my grandpa (from Guangdong province of China) and Stephen Chow (yup, it's true and I bet half of the Canton-speaking Malaysians got the same influences too), thus I always wanted my child to be able to speak Cantonese fluently, which makes better sense now that we are living in San Francisco. But god knows why, ever since she was born, she just doesn't "click" with this language, despite the fact that we're in Malaysia for 4 months plus and she was literally raising in Cantonese-speaking home that time. I tried. We tried. Then my mom said it's better not to confuse her. So I stop. Whenever I try to talk to her in Cantonese, she will either give me a blank stare or make funny sounds or totally ignore me by looking away.

Until recently, I realized that our semi-weekly dim sum time at Chinese restaurant can really sparkle her interests and motivate her to at least try to repeat some of the words I said in Cantonese!!!

Click H.E.R.E to listen, enjoy!

Nope, I didn't expect her to repeat every single words after me. Too darling, I now have my very own little McDull at home :D

Have a great weekend ahead and please eat more dim sum for Chloe :p

Mama Bev

Chloe Laksai

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Hello everyone,

So we just had dinner at a Malaysian restaurant... While we're on the way home we got to do a quick revision on all dishes we ate out of sheer boredom, and I also spontaneously threw in other popular Malaysian cuisines in our conversation. Intended to just share it with my sis & bro via whatsapp but I ended up playing the audio note for more than 10 times, in a row! O.M.G!!! That's one of the cutest things I've ever heard, seriously if this isn't blogworthy I don't know what else is :p

#1 Here's the L.I.N.K. and if you pay close attention, you'll get the title of this blog entry too ;)

Enjoy! And TGIF Asia~



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