The Night Before Our Wedding

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Ugh... So many pending posts, especially my wedding ones. Sorry uncles & aunties, sorry Ji Muis, sorry friends, sorry for dragging this F.O.R.E.V.E.R! I will blog harder~~

You know, there are tons of wearily Chinese traditions to follow, for instance, the bride and groom are not allowed to see each other but stay in their respective homes the night before the marriage ceremony. We didn't go for a Hair Combing Ceremony, but we did hold a simple pre-wedding parties at our parents' home.

Here, some randomies on the night before our wedding. I didn't manage to snap much pics though, was way too busy @.@

#1 Dang it, I miss my waistline...

#2 Mum ordered lots of foods but I was on super duper serious diet, didn't taste any of them at all. So regret now (T^T)

#3 Dare not eat the fruits too...



#6 Marmite chicken leh!!! My favorite.

#7 Crispy Sliced Fish with Sweet and Sour Sauce.

#8 木耳炸肉.

#9 Chow Mien (Mee Goreng). We also have Mee Hoon goreng, fried rice, curry chicken, glutinous rice balls (Tong Yuan) & etc if not mistaken. Got to a point where I was so mad + frustrated + upset for not being able to pig out, so I stopped taking pics!!!

#10 The only thing I swallowed the night. The catering uncle was too thoughtful, love the puddings a lot.

#11 Entertainment Session! Appointed a live band, ok, the band was actually made up by my bro & his buddies (Thanks a million, Ah Sam & Ah Liang), haha. But hey, I have to pay them for their hard work too, at a discount rate of course ;)

** Pics grabbed from my cousin's FB **
#12 My bro sang me a real touching song... What's that song called again? LOL...

#13 And I sang couple songs for my guests too~~

#14 Aiyah, real paiseh (*^___^*)

Ok, BS-ers, are you ready for a mini BS concert across 9634 miles from Boulder, CO? But I have to warn you first, I'm not a good singer at all, never attend any vocal training or singing class (only if Green Box & Red Box considered one), was just doing it for sheer fun! I really really really wanted to sing a song for Chean!!! Although he wasn't there with me that night, he sent out some spies (our mutual friends) over at my place to have the song recorded, haha.

Oh, also, all the video inserts that you are about to see were spontaneously recorded by my BFF Eling; it was totally unplanned so please pardon the poor quality and shaky footage.

Now... Watch at your own risk & don't laugh or I'll curse you, lol :p

Hi 5 if you think my friends are chatty! Yes, they are and that's one of the reasons why I love them so much. Love the girly get-togethers and talks; we always have endless topics to talk about, to laugh about.

Alright, gonna work on the actual wedding photos, hopefully I'll finish My L.O.V.E Journey blog posts before my BB due date. Wakaka...

p/s: Hi 5 again if you think my bro is an awesome guitarist, thanks bro, you rock!!! m(-_^)m

Love ya,


Anonymous said...

Bev, your voice is very soothing actually, I like it.


Grace said...

Pretty and nice voice!

Yoyo said...

Congratulations for your wedding! >o<~!

your voice is so lovely~! At least you sing a looot better than me lol

Ivy K. said...

Guess what, I did not laugh at all, but smile sweetly cuz I can feel the love! Love 终身美丽 the most because the song is really nice and match you so much. :P

Liam said...

Cheers, you got a nice vocal

Hayley said...

Wow, you looked gorgeous in the red dress!

~珊姑娘~ said...



Pinkster said...

So sweet your sound, I like the last two Cantonese song you sang, so touch^^

sai ling said...

love your singing on sammy's songs~ feel touched when i listened to your 《终生美丽》&《唯独你是不可取代》。。i think i'll drop tears if i were chean~ LOL

nice9 said...

Feel hungry to see the food!Haha~
You have a nice vocal~ sweet ^^

YV said...


诗陵♥ said...

i love you sing the 终生美丽 the most! it's my fav song.. and u sang it very well! you've got a really nice voices! thumbs up Bev! love the way you are! <3