Let's Fimo~~

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

So you asked the typical how-to-use question when you first saw me blogging about the fimo sticks I got from Hawaii...

Fruits fimo sticks.

And my answer is as easy as One, Two, Three ❤❤

Cut them into small pieces, not too thin and not too thick, that's all you need to do.

And just glue them on your nails or anywhere that you could possibility think of, say, your bf's blackberry. For me, I glue them on...


My nails of course...

Don't judge, my nails are real short now and I clearly understand that the fruity fimo will look cuter if my nails are longer. I just want to demonstrate how it was done.

It was my very first attempt anyway, trying to place those tiny little oranges, kiwis and lemons to maximize the limited space. Guess I can do a better job next time!

So, after reading through the whole thing, maybe your head is pondering with another question now: Can we recycle the fine chopped fimo? I pop this out cause there are few friends of mine asking whether they could/should reuse the artificial nails.

It's definitely a "NO" for the artificial nails; for the fimo, I usually trash them right way although they kinda look new. I really don't want to give fungi/bacterias any opportunity to "rebirth", so it's really your choice to make actually ;)

Lastly, a big thank you to those who love my lookbook. It helps me keep track with my styles and collections! Super in love with it, wish you find it helpful too ❤❤


I have never tried selling my clothes or accessories and I will never sell them either. What I own and what I bought are basically something that could last for a super long period of time or can be used in hundred different ways, say, my LV Palermo GM and Tiffany & Co charms bracelet.

Trust me, the mall is full of temptations and you'll never buy enough. Don't bury yourself with endless credit card debts and work for the banks throughout your entire life, be a smart shopper instead :D

Take Care,


Xiu Hui said...

yea.. love ur lookbook!
hope to see it soon!!

Anonymous said...


come across your web. Do you have to do anything to the clay after you cut it off before you apply them to the finger. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Hello Beverly, I do love your blog. I really do. Moreover, i am addicted to reading your blog.

giny said...

in ur photo, u spelled 'Lious' Vuitton?

Chee said...

Thanks for sharing on how to use Fimo~~ I wonder where can I find it in Malaysia? Loved your lookbook ^^

YT said...

I want Fimo sticks! Sounds fun to play with. But I doubt I can do anything impressive with it anyway. I am the least artsy-fartsy person on earth!

Continue the lookbook. It's addictive :)

北西八地 said...



Vincent Cho said...

ur nail looks juicy right now.. hahaha!

Aurora said...

You're so creative, bev^^

Ira said...

Love your lookbook... looking forward to another lookbook, thanks for sharing, it give me an idea for new styles

k e l y n said...

Maybe you can show us what are the things you bought and you think can use for super long period. Hmm as in how? =)

I wish i can be a smart shopper like you.

Feeling said...

OMG!your nails look delicious! lolz but i still prefer simple design..

Pinkster said...

It's a perfect match^^
Make you so sporty and sunny^^

Pinkster said...

By the way, aft you stik the fimo on ur nail then if u wash ur hand the thgs wont drop or get wet?

sai ling said...

those fimo is just too cute..i just realised how it can be used in so many diff ways..hahaha..
i love ur attire..in both this post and the previous one..very young and nice~^^

sai ling said...

i like tat puma shoes..may i know how much it costs?

BeverLy's Secret said...

Hi Xiu Hui,

Hi Anonymous #1,
A.R.G.H! That's the trickiest spelling ever! Thanks for telling me! Lazy to edit it again though :p

Hi Anonymous #2,
So sweet of you. I'm flattered! Stick around!!!

Hi Chee,
I'm not sure either! Let me know if you find any in M'sia!!!

Hi YT,
lol. I will, thanks girl :)

Hi 北西八地,
To be honest, I'm a nail bitter too :p But mani keeps me from biting though, alcohols taste like shit :p Perhaps you can try applying nail polish!

Hi Vincent Cho,
lol. Will you like your wife to have juicy nails then? :p

Hi Aurora,
Happy to see you again! Thanks!

Hi kelyn,
Good idea, I will try working on that :)

Hi feeling,
Simple is always the best :)

Hi Pinkster,
Top coat plays an important role to hold everything in place ;)

Hi Sai ling,
Thanks, girl. I forgot how much that shoes cost, it was two decades ago :p Should be around US$50-60, if not mistaken. ^_______^