It's Hard to Say Goodbye

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Still busy packing but I'd like to leave a footprint here about Boulder before moving to San Francisco, ya, I'm moving to SF really soon. Chean & I are excited about the move, SF is a beautiful city but deep down, we both know that we are going to miss Boulder very very very badly...

If you do not already know, I have been living in Boulder, CO for approximately 3 years now. After going through all the ups and downs in this sweet little town, I feel utterly sad to bid goodbye for good. Ok, right now I'm hearing a voice asking how do I find Portland, OR then... Hmm, you know what, I really like Portland a lot, but I'm in love with Boulder.

Let me put it this way...

Portland is kinda like an A+ boyfriend which you don't really have much to hate about, and you don't regret all the things you've done together but you always know you can still find a better one if you step out of the comfort zone and be a little more adventurous. On the other hand, Boulder is like a husband material, you're mature enough to understand your needs and ready for marriage thus you put in as much effort as you could (even when things didn't work out as you wish), hoping the relationship will flourish and grow strong, and eventually settle down in a safe cocoon.

That how I feel about Boulder... Simply good life, no hassle, no rush, no stress. It really is a G.R.E.A.T and S.A.F.E place to raise a family. How safe? All my neighbors store their expensive & high-end strollers at the front porch (I store it at home or in car due to the dust), they also place the children outdoor toys at the sidewalk (I do the same too), and well, I sometimes forgot to lock my car but I can just leave Mr. Bronze unlock for a night without worrying much... That's how I define a safe neighborhood...

Now, some not-so-awesome pics to remember the awesome life in Boulder (T____T)

#1 Chloe BB & I lazing & chilling at the park on a random evening :)

#2 Hello-ing with our neighbor's cute pup~

#3 Went to a furniture store nearby for some home improvement stuff.

#4 Met a tons of friendly and very well-educated kids every time we're out & about, like this one, I still fondly remember our conversation...

5 y/o Boy: You've the cutest baby, how old is she? (Good manners and very sociable)
Me: Thanks. She is 14 months.
(Then Chloe suddenly decided to pull his sunglasses!!! Ohhh Nooo!!!)
Me: I'm so sorry, she is very into sunglasses lately.
5 y/o Boy: That's ok, she can play with it (waving the sunglasses to Chloe). Oh, you know what, I have an extra pair at home, should have brought it with me so that I can give it to her (Willingness to share, checked).

W.A.L.A.O! I nearly wanted to ask his babysitter what school does he go to, such a good kid! So confident and well educated. Later, I found out that basically this articulate kid is just one of many super smart kids in town. I would love to see Chloe growing up in Boulder, together with them.

#5 Another typical evening, riding on her car then drawing on the sidewalk. Now that she befriends with the neighbor kids and we will walk down a block for some fun time with her new friends.

Then these were taken yesterday, at the park too...

#6 The trainer and the soccer team. Cute enough? Wait til you hear their conversation.

Trainer: Dominic, you're not doing your best, move faster! Tell me your name!
4-5 y/o Dominic: Golden Tornado!!!
Trainer: That's a strong name, I like that.

Laugh die me. Hahahaha...

#7 Saying Hi to Baby Grant, the family just moved to Boulder from San Francisco! What a coincidence ;)

#8 That's Daddy Chean being an angel to his baby when Chloe's busy doing her baby stuff aka running away from us, tossing sand, pulling grasses, chasing birdies, climbing the unclimbable object & etc (now the wings make sense because speed is everything when it comes to parenthood)...

Last but definitely not least...

A meaningful pic to end this unorganized blog post...

#9 Meaningful because I was so wasted yesterday, LOL...

Happy 2nd Wedding Anniversary to you, Darling Chean ❤❤❤

We got married, we had the bestest time together til God decided to add some bumps to the smooth ride... We got lost in life til we almost lost hope, we broke down so many times but we always remember to lift each other up, we been through the toughest challenge and sailed through the storms shoulder to shoulder... Life taught us hard and we learned a tons throughout the bumpy ride, but most of all, we learn to love each other better.

And all these, the happiest and the saddest moments took place in Boulder, a place where we grow the most. Thank you Lord for the complete healing and blessings; thanks Darling for completing my life, and for being such a wonderful & fun daddy to our baby.

Boulder, thanks for all the great memories, so long! Watch out San Francisco, the Laws are coming!!!

p/s: I always ask whenever I take pictures of others or strangers, no worries ;)


Love & Kisses,


Yvonne S said...

Lovely post and I wish you can share more about your life in Boulder. I remember when you are going to move to Boulder to Portland, you were heavy-hearted and if I'm not mistaken you says that Boulder is a smaller place compare to Portland.. ANyway, is happy to hear that you're going to SF and gonna start a new live there. God will definitely continue to pour HIS blessings to the LAWS :) Take care Bev.

nice9 said...

Life is always changing and our lifestyle too.. When we go through significant and life-transforming change, like welcoming new family member, moving to new place, overcoming fears, getting things done or achieving any form of success in life.. i think you manage to handle it really well with your own capability and good learning attitude especially i can see it from Chloe growing up process. I believe your life will be fantastic in SF.. Thanks for share with us in ur BS and fb~ All the best to you dear.

Beverly's Secret said...

Hi Yvonne Sam,
Thanks girl~~ Ya, I guess it's the transition thing, everything will work out its way eventually ^^

Hi Nice9,
Thanks for the encouraging note ;) Positivity rules~ All the best to you too ^^V

Vincent Cho said...

you guys are living with these cool and positive people. that's one of the wonderful of life i bet. i'm sure thing gonna go well in SF too. share more with us :)

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