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Sunday, April 20, 2014

*With the Sex & The City theme song running in the background*
*Nope. Not that, not the drama show but the first movie...*
*Remember, it goes like da da da, da da da da...*
*Alright, nvm. I know that was so 2008 and we, the so-called instant gratification generation tend to live our lives in lightspeed, so let me spoon-feed you instead...*

Oooohhhh Yeeeeahhhh... Now you're feeling the grove and vibe, hopefully the song brings back some good old memories, as old as a pair of classic buckle Manolo Blahnik heels that Carrie Bradshaw wears when she marries Mr Big in the first Sex And The City film :D Yup, I choose the black color and brought them home, they are fresh from the oven!!! And yup, it does take me about 6 years to finally decided to splurge on Manolos. No other reason, just that I think I can carry them better now, with my age and my style~





*Now, turn off the pervious song. Take a breath...*

*And play this song instead...*

*You didn't play the song, did you?*


*I don't care if you didn't play the previous one, play T.H.I.S one. This is an O.R.D.E.R*

Alright, I give in. You don't have the earphones with you right? You're forgiven. Anyway, I'm sure lotsa you able to sing that song even without clicking the play button; that's the theme song from the super popular Korean drama called "You Who Came From The Star." It's one of my favorite Korean dramas, and you know when was the last time I watched one? It was 10 years ago, no joke. Honestly, you just have to watch it if you haven't yet done so, too good to be missed. One useful tip, be sure to have your kleenex ready.

One of my favorite scenes was when Cheon Song Yi (a character played by Jeon Ji-Hyeon in the drama) finds her favorite heels in Min Joon's closet and confronts him with them, accusing him of having a fetish for women’s shoes. That's just too cute! So, as you may have guessed, I also splurge on that Jimmy Choo glitter heels, though in different color.

#5 That's how they look like during the day, very low-key and versatile.

#6 And during the night, the sparkles come to live and totally change the vibe. So sassy yet with a touch of class.




I guess motherhood doesn't change me too much after all :p But it does, indeed, make me want treat myself better as I really have the toughest job :p

Thanks for reading!

Sweet dream,
Bev, 1.49am PDT


Oliver Mun said...

Nice heels sis!!! Look great on u~ <3

mitsu mizu t said...

Gorgeous. And Give us some tips on foot skincare pls :-)

Ng Choi Yen said...

Love that song and of course the drama!

BlingBling said...

good taste and nice heels dear..

it's been years reading your blogs. so glad to see you back ~ and with a babe daughter !

ƒörèvër HL said...

i watched this Korean drama too!!! and i seldom watch Korean dramas. hahaha this drama is very very nice lo!!! the 2nd Korean drama that i think worth watching besides the secret garden hhahhahhahha

oh, and nice heels!!!hope i can wear heels too >.<


safia baantar said...

oh wow i like those shoes <3 much love