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Sunday, April 6, 2014


Thank you for the uplifting and warm messages on my official "comeback" posting, they really means a lot to me. You know what, in 7 years of blogging (roughly, ya, we've been virtual friends for that long), I can somewhat conclude that I'm not a dedicated blogger, I stop blogging from time to time; however, if I'm really in the mood I could do 2 posts in a day. Emotionally driven? Maybe. But I love the fact that I'm still able to stick with my true self after all these years, though I've doubts about myself sometimes. This is my personal space and I find solace in the act of blogging, thus I want to keep it the way it is and the way I like it. Each time I took a long vacation, BS readership decreased at least 80%, but each long break made only the most genuine readers remain, like you guys.

That's something worth smiling about :)

And those are the people I want to share my life with :)

Knowing this also makes me feel more comfortable sharing things about my personal life, my family, and my baby especially...

photo 1 copy-2

photo 3 copy-2

photo 2 copy-2

photo 4 copy-2


We're on our way to Asian Art Museum. It's a free admission day and there's huge discount on the special exhibition (cha-ching), so we decided to take advantage of that. The historic building behind us is the San Francisco City Hall, gorgeous architecture, perfect backdrop. Also loving BB's outfit as much as my Chun-Song-Yi (千颂伊) hair (minus the awful ombre). Look at that volume, it requires zero styling thanks to the never-before shared awesome haircare products that I've been using, in fact I haven't washed my hair for 2 days, can you believe it? Still smell fresh though :p

Now, only those who read the text get to know the ultimate secret, hoho. It's the Alterna Carviar Anti-aging Series. These products deserve a full blog entry as I have more story to tell... To those who are eager to give your hair a lift naturally may place your order now, you won't go wrong with these, and I usually ordered mine from skinstore.com. Nope, this is not an advertorial, I'm just too eager to share my favorite shampoo with you guys. To those who already have beautiful bouncy hair, hate you all, life is so unfair!

And to those who don't care a bit about having bouncy hair, you may stop reading at the second last paragraph, which I know you can't cause you already reading this sentence. Ya, that sucks but that's life too :p

Have a wonderful week ahead everyone. Till then.



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Ivy K. said...

If you didn't mention it, I wouldn't know I've followed you for so many years! I guess good content is what bring you this far. I'd rather read something concrete content rather than constant update of empty talk. :)

Keep on blogging! I'm sure a lot of us would wait for as long as it takes to support bloggers who make great effort in blogging. :)

nice9 said...

Chloe looks enjoy.. i like the last pic the most.. mom and girl..

Somewhere in Singapore said...

Do blog when you have the time ya...

Oliver Mun said...

好一套母女装, 超有爱! :)

elLy said...

Welcome back! :) I oso seldom blog nowadays >_< hahaha~

Tay LEE CHIN said...
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Tay LEE CHIN said...
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~珊姑娘~ said...

喜欢你们的母女外套 =)

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Anonymous said...

So very glad you are back in blogging! I was sad to notice that you had made your blog private but could understand your position. I am thrilled that you have reopened you amazing story to all of us. Much love!

Yen said...

i also din realize i hav been following ur blog that long...get to know ur blog thru a fren of urs, eunice teh...glad that u r bck...enjoy ^O^

Vincent Cho said...

hohohoho.. not just about the shampoo, remember to share more stories about chloe also :D

Ali arif said...

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